Dear Friends,
This Sunday’s Gospel takes us to Cana, a small village to the north of
Nazareth, today it is really a suburb of its larger neighbour, a short
distance by road. It was here that Jesus gave the gift of His first
miracle. There is a sense in which this event continues the theme of
both the Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord. All of them are
showings for the world of the Saviour. Indeed, this is recognised in
the Divine Office, the prayer of the Church, in which on the feast of
the Epiphany we find mentioned all three of these events in one short
text. There is a real sense of newness in the readings this Sunday.
We have the newly married couple, the first of Jesus’ miracles, and in
the first reading, Isaiah enthuses, refuses to be silent about the
wonderful things God does for his people.
In this Sunday’s second reading St Paul writes to the Corinthians
about the gifts the Spirit gives. Here too there is a sense of
newness. We always receive gifts as something new. We have shared
in this experience in a small way over Christmas and we know the joy
in receiving these small gifts. How much greater the gifts of the
Spirit, they are our prized possessions, but not because we simply
possess them, but because we are called to use these gifts for the
building of the Kingdom. We use them in service to others, in service
to Christ Himself.
Just as Jesus gives this wonderful new wine to the marriage feast, to
the delight of the wedding party, so we receive the many gifts the
Spirit gives, and we too rejoice. We must not leave them as it were
on the shelf simply to be looked at and admired. Let us use them, for
this is the mark of discipleship, in our service of Christ and His
church. Like Isaiah, let us not be silent about the wonderful things
that God does for us and in us through the person of Jesus his
son, The Word made flesh.
With every Blessing,
+ Richard

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