Men of St Joseph

We meet every  Friday at 7:30 PM

Christ The King, Small Hall (entrance by the house)

Build Yourself: set a course, stay it, with brethren.(John 6,16-21)
Build the Parish: Admonish the idle, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient with all. (1 Thessalonians 5, 11)
Build others: Glorify the Lord by the way you live your life. (Matthew 10,18)

Are you not a catholic? That is fine!

If you are an Atheist, agnostic or have (many) doubts about the catholic faith, church teachings its morality etc. There will be a separate meeting alongside the core group where anyone can ask a catholic priest ANY question. Simply be prepared to be polite, inquisitive and reasonable. You can also take part in the core meeting as a non-catholic, but we ask that you are respectful of our beliefs and do so to learn about us and what it is we stand for.

What we stand for:

We aim to enable our members to (1) build themselves up and thereby build up their families. With time they can start to (2) build up the Parish and improve our community and eventually help (3) spread the Good News to everyone they meet, by the way they live their lives.
How we achieve this:

With 3 core elements: Prayer, Commitment and Brotherhood.

1st build yourself by developing a relationship with God. This will uncover for you areas which you know yourself you could change in order to improve your life. The Brotherhood will help you with your specific commitments and, If you are willing, assign an “anchor” for you (and vice versa). The anchor, like in rock-climbing, is someone to keep you from falling away from your own commitments – a “cheerleader” who might simply need to send a single sentence a day or one you develop long lasting friendship with.

2nd build the Parish by attending at least one mass each week and one extra religious activity. Actively look for things that need repair, maintenance or improvement and commit to help. You will need to find another within the brotherhood who shares your passion for the idea you bring up. You will work on the project as a pair and report each week on the progress.

3rd Glorify the Lord by the way you live your life! Become a beacon of Christ’s Good News to everyone outside of the church, at work, in the shops and on the street. Pray for others, especially your enemies, See others as God’s beloved children and learn to love them. Share with them truth of your life and that will open them to truth itself and bring them closer to God.