Harvest Thanksgiving

Harvest Thanksgiving will be on Sunday
October 3rd. CAFOD envelopes can to
returned that day and a list of food and
other items needed by the food bank can
be brought that day. I’d like to also invite
last year’s FHC children so that we can
return their course books.
After the 11.30 Mass on that day, bacon or
sausage rolls will be on sale in the hall at
£2 each; money raised will go to CAFOD.
Items needed for Harvest
Thanksgiving: small chocolate bars (Kit
Kats etc), UHT milk (whole/skimmed),
shaving foam, small bags of sugar, tinned
custard, deodorant(spray/roll on),
shampoo, pot noodles, nappies (all sizes,
but 4,5,6 if poss), pasta sauce, biscuits,
washing tables/powder

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