Men’s Way of the Cross 2024

Across The Cliffs and Through The Night

The event was a great success with amazing contemplative time, as well as some camaraderie and bonds forming, we prayed, we walked, we talked. There was 28 of us and we enjoyed the breakfast. it is all summed up in this short video. Enjoy! and you are welcome to join us next year:

Parish event for MEN: Join us for a prayer over the South Downs Beachy Head trail to rediscover yourself and reflect on your God given purpose on this earth.

Please Check!
At the bottom of this page there are some handy tips you should read before coming to the event

Where and when?

We meet up at Our Lady of Ransom Church on 22.03.2024 (3rd Friday of Lent) at 10PM

Church Address: 2-4 Grange Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4EU

ATTENTION! This year we are meeting at a different church, namely Our Lady of Ransom.

9- 10 PM – Registration, Adoration and Confessions

10 PM – Holy Mass

11 PM – Way of the Cross Starts!

  • A set of reflections will be published here shortly that we will use at each station.
  • They will be read out by different participant each time, all you need to do is step up when we stop to read out the station reflection and prayer
  • We will have a cross we carry at the front of the procession, a different person should carry it between each station, just walk up to the person carrying it and ask that you want to carry it now
  • Do not overtake the cross
  • If you carry the cross do not walk too fast (it is not a race)
  • Confessions will be available in English and Polish before Mass and in English at the back of the procession during the way of the cross

5 – 10 minutes for Readings, Prayer and Adoration at each Station

10 – 20 minutes of Silent meditative prayer while walking towards the next Station

4-6am (approximately): We are back at the church

15 minutes for silent adoration and testimonials (if someone wishes to share)
followed by a hearty breakfast in the church hall!

Please Check this page again for updates on timings and information on route and meditations on the way

Handy Tips For Participants:

  • Bring a flashlight
  • Bring a hi-vis or some reflective element of clothing
  • Bring boots for the trek (across potentially muddy hills)
  • Bring spare shoes for when you come back to church for last station and breakfast
  • Bring some food and drink for the way
  • Bring clothing in case of rain (raincoat, etc)
  • Bring wind-proof clothing if possible or at least dress for high-chance of wind