Once you are in front of the Blessed Sacrament, genuflect (bend one knee)

Find a comfortable place to sit/kneel.

Follow instructions below

Adoration is an incredible time to be in the presence of God. This can be done through mental prayer or just sitting in His presence and being in awe of who He is. You can focus on the mysteries of the rosary, the Passion of Christ, or a particular Scripture verse. What matters is, you are devoting your time to be present to God.

It is the time where you can communicate with God in silence. If you can; kneel as a sign of humility. Be humble!

In the Eucharistic host, Jesus greets us with complete silence. He is ready to listen to all that we have to say, and he only speaks in return when we have quieted our hearts and are completely silent as he is. And finally, he is ready to act on our behalf if we only have confidence in his promises.

Christ waits patiently for us in tabernacles and monstrances around the world. He would wait an eternity for a single visit. He waits for us to repent when we stray; he waits for our words of allegiance and affection; he waits to hear of our joys and sorrows; he waits to answer our deepest desires.

In the Blessed Sacrament, Christ’s beating heart burns with love for us, and he longs for our love in return. 

During his life on earth, Christ was completely poor. He came to earth with nothing and left with nothing. Poverty is only material. Jesus comes to us rich in grace and in love. He ardently desires to give us all that we need if only we ask with confidence. He wants to bless us with an abundance of graces, which are the true riches of the soul.

The gift of God’s presence is the greatest gift. there is no greater comfort than the assurance of his presence. If we have Jesus, we possess all things; without him, we have nothing. We Catholics can joyfully and truthfully say, “The Lord of hosts is with us

Be present – contemplation – Show your devotion and worship Jesus Christ!

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