Become a Catholic

In the Catholic Church, we warmly welcome members of all ages and try to provide appropriate spiritual formation to suit each person’s needs

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How Does a Person Become a Catholic?
Well, there are several ways. Let’s look at the two principal routes:
On the one hand, children who are born or adopted into Catholic families are usually baptized as infants. Their faith is nurtured in their family environment and, as they grow older, they receive formal instruction through their parish school or religious education program.
On the other hand, adults with little, or different spiritual background looking perhaps to become members of the Catholic Church are encouraged to:

Think as they learn about our faith

Ask what it means to join our community

Learn about what we stand for

Decide whether to become one of us

Prepare to be received

Join the Catholic Community

Participate in the life of the Church

In the Catholic Church we warmly welcome members of all ages and try to provide appropriate spiritual formation to suit each person’s needs.
So, if you feel you might like to join the Catholic Church or if you would like to bring a child forward for baptism or if you’d simply like to learn more about the procedures and our faith, please get in touch with any of us above.
If you would just like to find out more about Christianity, or are wondering about what it means to be a Catholic you might like to visit these websites for more information: If you would like to take steps towards coming to church you can find your nearest Catholic church and request some further reading on the Catholic faith. Catholic site for people who used to be Catholic once – with very useful and up-to-date info on the Catholic Church

Christianity The purpose is to inform people about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is our hope that men and women will take steps of faith and become ever-closer followers of Jesus Christ as a result of what they discover. It is our prayer that having an active faith will improve their lives.

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