First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion.

This year, preparation for First Holy Communion will be different. There are 3 clear steps that parents/carers can take to help prepare their children for First Communion and Reconciliation

  1. There will be 5 basic introductory sessions on the parish website that families can use together.

2. Once you feel you would like your child to receive FHC, speak to Fr Neil and he will give you a parent/child coursebook to work through at home. Fr Neil will then have a chat and arrange First Confession and Communion.

3. But the best preparation is to see you as parents/carers coming to Mass regularly. Making Mass attendance a priority as we come out of this crisis is essential. If mass finds an uncertain place in your life how is your child going to understand its importance in their own life? A judgment upon your child’s readiness will of course be significantly based on whether they are regularly at Mass

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